My Last Ride…

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Journal

For all of 2013, I worked very hard to reach a goal I had set 10 years ago. It was 2003 when I found the sport of reining, bought my first reining horse, and set sail on a journey that would have amazing ups and downs. Many obstacles stood in my way. But in 2013, everything came together;  Randy Paul, 2010 Worlds Greatest Horseman and NRHA Million Dollar Rider came to work at the ranch I managed. Together we rode down the path and followed my dream to achieve that goal: Rookie of the Year. Each January brings a new season of horse showing. At each skill level, from green-as grass to open rider, reiners try to qualify for various year-end final competitions. For me, a relative new comer to the sport, it was the Rookie division, and the finals held in Oklahoma City every year beginning on Thanksgiving Day. Each NRHA region holds a yearly affiliate final where riders who have accumulated enough points at the qualifying shows to score in the top ten are invited to compete. The top eight from each regional affiliate final is invited to compete in the NRHA  Affiliate Championship Finals. I had tried several times to qualify for the regional finals, but did not make it until 2012. That year I was unable to make the top ten. But in 2013 I placed 6th in a very hotly competed field to earn my spot in the championship finals.

The day of my ride, I had come down with the flu and was not feeling very well. For that an other reasons, I made a few errors. But I am still very proud of the ride and what I accomplished that day. I finished 18th out of a field of 60. It is my belief that the judges were a little hard on me with their scoring, and I think I should have been scored to finish at 8th. But hey, I’m not complaining. It was a wonderful last ride and I’ll never forget it!


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